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Qiying Li


2005-Present Acupuncturist, Lausanne Beijing Medical TCM

2003-2005 Acupuncturist, Lausanne Chinamen

2001-2003 Acupuncturist, Baden Chinamen

1994-1996 Acupuncturist, Government Assigned Medical Aid to Guinea 

1989- 2001 Beijing Chongwen Chinese Medicine Hospital, served as Chinese medicine physician,                   attending physician, associate senior doctor

1978 1983 Bachelor degree of Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine


Awards :

After five year of study, Madame Li graduated with Bachelor degree Chinese Medicine of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine at 1983.

In Beijing Mentor program starting at 1990, she leant from chinese medicine for three years and gained a certification of this program. From 1997 to 2000, in the first National Mentor program, she learnt from a famous Chinese Acupucture Master, Conghuo Tian  who was regarded as one of the most experienced acuputurist. And she gained the certification of this national program after passed a comprehensive exam.

She was appointed as the Deputy Director, Director, Director of the Institute of Acupuncture and vice president of Chinese Medicine Hospital during her work at Beijing Chongwen Chinese Medicine Hospital



She was appointed by Chinese government to work in Guinea Medical aid program for two years.

She lived and worked in Switzerland since 2001, first she was at Baden then moved to Lausanne. She is fluent in French.



Disc disease, allergies, asthma, tendonitis, Meniere's syndrome, acne, eczema, menopausal syndrome