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Slipped disk

"Slipped disk" refers to a condition whereby portions of an abnormal, injured, or degenerated disk have protruded against adjacent nerve tissues.  Chinese medicine believes that it is caused by block of  local blood and energy. Acupuncture can circulation, relieve pain, eliminate edema.

For example, S. Avignon suffered from disc herniation. When she first came to the clinic, she could barely walk. After three treatments, she experieced pain relief. After ten treatments, her life was quite normal.


Young people often suffer from acne. Acne affects facial appearances or even leaves scars. Dr. Li has treated many patients. A patient suffered from acne for 20 years and needed consistent use of antibiotics. She would like to try Chinese medicine. One month after the treatment, her skin had been improved. She was finally able to get rid of the antibiotic.


Mr. A.L. was a chef, and needed to stand for hours during his work. Two years ago, he had a Tendinitis and forced to quit his job. He received three cortisone injections to relieve the pains, but he experienced repeated pains. Finally, he received Chinese medical treatments. After a month of acupuncture treatments, his tendinitis was cured.



At the first consultation Ms.LZ dEcublens had very severe headache, nausea and vomiting. Diagnosis revealed that she was suffered from cervical spondylosis. After receiving three treatments, she experienced dimishing symptoms. After 12 times of treatments, her symptoms disappeared.

Hay fever

Over the years, Ms. L.B Jouxtens was suffering from hay fever. She needed anti-allergy treatment but her problem was getting worse every year. She had itchy eyes, cough and runny nose. After acupuncture treatments, she felt alleviative esymptoms and she no longer needed chemical drugs.